Kit Klepinger


Originally from Wisconsin, and with several forays to other states and some time overseas, Kit made her way to Sanford after a career transition from International Education to Educational Technology. She started growing beautiful things to eat while helping friends sow the first seeds of their now thriving organic farm in Central Wisconsin.  Leaving behind a large backyard garden in Minnesota, the first thig Kit did when moving to Sanford was to reach out to the Sanford Community Garden.  Luck was on her side with an immediately available plot. Since moving to town almost 2 years ago, Kit has enjoyed learning the in’s and out’s of growing in zone 9b versus 4b/5a.  Her fridge is full of a rainbow of delightful garden veggies in the spring and fall, with hopefully enough to last through the summer.  What a switch from taking long winters off up north! 

Kit joined the SCG board in February 2023 as Secretary and enjoys supporting the gardeners and community.