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Our Gardeners Beautiful Harvests!

Adopt-A-Park Clean Up Events

Several years ago, we adopted 18th Street Park.  As part of this initiative, we host quarterly park clean-ups in order to keep 18th Street Park clean and looking beautiful. 

Second Saturday Speaker Events

Our gardeners enjoy having guest speakers at the Sanford Community Garden.  We have had many wonderful speakers come and teach us ways to garden organically. 

Pollinator Friendly Photos

We encourage our gardeners to plant native pollinating plants to help the pollinators.  In 2020, we installed Monarch Waystations at our North and South garden entrances. This is part of the City of Sanford’s Monarch City USA Initiative.  We plan to expand on this in the future!

Garden Reopening Day

  Please enjoy browsing the photos from our garden reopening.

Kids Plot

Our awesome garden kids were hard at work getting the Kids Plot ready for the Fall planting.

We were busy pulling weeds, trimming our mexican sunflower, turning in some fresh compost, fixing our teepee and planting new asparagus bean seeds. We are excited to try out these seeds as none of us have tried asparagus beans before!

Soon, we will plant kale, peppers and broccoli also! Stayed tuned!